PRECUT LOG COMPONENTS: LOK-N-LOGS offers one of the most complete precut log home packages in the log home industry. (Many companies say they have a precut package but send linear logs that have to be cut in the field.) At LOK-N-LOGS, we precut and pre drill our walls, corners, gables, window and door openings (including the settling key way cuts), floor joists (mortise & tenon), porch & house rafters. Precutting and pre drilling translates into less construction time, tighter joinery and substantial savings in labor costs.

BORATE PRESSURE TREATING: Sodium Borate, a salt, is becoming the industry standard to prevent rot and insect problems in log homes. At LOK-N-LOGS, we pressure treat all our log components with sodium borate prior to milling. Pressure treating is by far the most effective way to introduce borates into wood to eliminate problems caused by decay and wood ingesting insects.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: The LOK-N-LOGS, Inc. LIFETIME WARRANTY is second to none. We feel so confident that you'll never see any problems with your log home that we have made this warranty transferable! The only maintenance you'll need is to stain/seal your home with approved finishes, as specified, every three to four years.

KILN DRYING: In addition to air drying, we KILN DRY our logs to minimize checking and settling.

SETTLING ALLOWANCES: Air and kiln drying the log components helps minimize settling but log homes react to changing humidity. LOK-N-LOGS has designed settling elements which will adjust as your log home ages. All window and door openings contain precut key ways for easier installation. Settling spaces at all post locations are specified. We even supply the “screw jacks” to facilitate these adjustments.

LOG PROFILES: LOK-N-LOGS offers Red and Eastern White Pine in a variety of log styles to meet your needs and tastes. Our signature rustic peeled logs can be used to create a natural look. Rustic peeled rafters and floor joists can be used with our shaped and clapboard profiles to lend a rustic accent to a more contemporary look. Square rafters and shaped or square floor joists are also available. Profiles include: rustic/rustic, rustic/flat, rustic/shaped, shaped/flat, shaped/shaped, shaped/rustic, and clapboard/flat available in our 6” x 8” logs.Our 5 1/4” x 8” Cottage/Recreation logs are available in a Rustic Peeled/Rustic Peeled style only.We also offer a “HI-VAL-U” D-log style which is 6” x 7 3/8” shaped/flat in Eastern White Pine.

INTERIOR PACKAGES AVAILABLE: LOK-N-LOGS can supply you with as much (or as little) building materials as you desire. These packages include framing material, floor decks, porch decks, stairs and interior doors. (Other options are also available...just ask!)

QUALITY WINDOWS and DOORS: We supply Marvin windows, Therma-tru exterior doors, Morgan wood interior doors and IKO textured shingles in our standard packages.We can also supply windows from other manufacturers, such as Andersen, to meet your needs.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: The width of a log wall translates into energy efficiency. At LOK-N-LOGS, our standard log is 6” high and a minimum of 8” wide. They perform at about R-19. Other manufacturers offer 8” logs that are 8” high but only 6” wide... an important consideration when comparing the energy efficiency of various log home packages.

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