As you have seen, thousands of satisfied Lok-N-Logs home owners can testify to the value of solid log construction. Apart from the obvious aesthetic appeal of natural, solid wood walls, we have shown that the potential for substantial cost savings exists with some owner participation in the log home building process. You have also heard Lok-N-Logs' customers attest to the exellent performance of their log homes citing both low energy bills and the comfort of their log homes in all seasons. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our log homes.

Q: Do You Treat Your Logs with Anything Before They're Shipped?
A: Yes, All of our log components are pressure-treated with sodium borate, an environmentally friendly, odorless and colorless wood preservative. This treatment process, which was developed by some of the leading wood preservation specialists in the nation, provides initial protection for your log material against decay and insect attack. Our log material is pressure-treated in LOK-N-LOGS' own treatment facilities so that we can monitor and control the preservative process.

Q: Do My Logs Need Further Treatment After My House is Finished?
A: Yes, Any wood which is exposed to the elements needs to be maintained and preserved in order to prevent mold and mildew formation, wood cell decay, insect attack and discoloration caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays. We at LOK-N-LOGS take proper maintenance so seriously that we include material for your initial preservative treatment with your log home package. We recommend that you apply this preservative soon after you build. As with other types of homes, gutters and down spouts must be used. You should also pay particular attention to any areas of your log walls that are exposed to backsplash from the ground, air conditioning units, decks, etc. Your frequency of application depends upon the location of your log home-whether it is situated in the deep woods or out in the open. Generally you will need to retreat your log home on a 3 to 5-year schedule.

Q: Is Shipping Included in the Cost of My Package?
A: There is no charge for delivery within the first 200 miles from our plant. Beyond the 200 mile range, trucking is arranged by LOK-N-LOGS through independent carriers at a competitive rate. Most log home packages can be delivered on one or two loads. Look closely at the package prices of any company offering 'free' delivery. We're certain that you'll find an additional cost associated with this 'free delivery'.

Q: How Are the Materials Unloaded at My Site?
A: To make unloading easier, you really should arrange for a heavy duty forklift to be at your job site on the day of delivery. We suggest a machine with a 14' lift height and a 6,000 pound lift capacity.

Q: Will I Have Difficulty Obtaining Financing?
A: No. Most lending institutions offer construction loans for log homes. Generally, you local dealer is familiar with the lending institutions in your area and can be a valuable resource as you put together your financing package. Some lending institutions will not release funds until the shell package is up and under roof. For this reason LOK-N-LOGS has developed an interim financing program which allows you, with an approved bank commitment, to delay your final payment to us until your shell is up and you are able to secure your next bank draw. We will charge interest on the balance owed to LOK-N-LOGS during this interim period.

Q: Can I Really Change Your Designs or Even Design My Own Home?
A: You can do either - as long as your design ideas are structurally possible (and we'll let you know if they're not). Many customers change our standard designs to reflect their own personal tastes or to meet their individual lifestyle needs. Our experienced design team will also work from your own unique design, or from your architect's. We will prepare preliminary floor plans and, once you have approved them, we will complete your final drawings which will include extensive plans, details and sections from the foundation through the roof structure.

Q: How Much Do Custom Designed Homes Cost?
A: The cost of any house, custom or standard, should be determined by the quantity of materials used: the footage of wall logs, the numbers and types of windows and doors, the number of floor joists, trusses or rafters, etc. - and by the complexity of the log house design. At LOK-N-LOGS, the only variable for a custom log home is for the preparation of your plans. This fee will depend upon the nature of the house design and upon the engineering and code requirements in effect where the log home is going to be constructed.

Q: How Do I Heat My Home?
A: Generally, you can use any type of heating system and/or fuel which you choose. Customers usually use whatever system is most economical and practical in their area. Many LOK-N-LOGS homeowners use some type of wood heat, either as a primary or secondary source. The comments which we received from LOK-N-LOGS customers Dick and Bonnie Niles are typical. "Our log home heats easily in the winter and is very cool in the summer," they write. "The entire staff was very cooperative with us during the design and building stages. We would not hesitate to build again."

Q: Can I Build My Log Home Myself, or Do I Need a Contractor?
A: If your lending institution will approve your loan, given that you plan to do the construction yourself, you need only basic tools and some limited building aptitude to complete the log portion of the structure. All of our log components are precut to the correct lengths and numbered. You will receive a computer generated log wall elevation drawing which corresponds to our log numbering system and shows the location of each log in your package. Remember, construction of a log home requires a lot of muscle, but no particular magic. Regardless of whether you choose to build your log home yourself or if you hire a contractor, a LOK-N-LOGS representative will be at your site to help you start your log construction.

Q: Is Obtaining Fire Insurance a Problem?
A: No. The insurance for a log home is virtually the same insurance which you would obtain for a conventionally constructed home and generally costs the same. We have fire rating information on file at LOK-N-LOGS should your carrier require additional information.

Q: How Do I Estimate Completion Cost?
A: The per square foot "turn-key" cost of your log home will be approximately the same as the finished cost of conventionally constructed homes in your area - if you choose to have the house built and finished without any participation on your part. Remember that finish materials and labor costs vary widely in different localities. To illustrate: if you are building a 1,500 square foot log home and the approximate contractor cost in your area if $50.00 per square foot then your completed house, ready to move in should cost about; $75,000. If that per square foot cost is $80.00 then that same 1,500 square foot house will finish out at $120,000. Your local dealer, or a local contractor, can give you the most accurate estimate of costs in your area. Obviously, if you are able to participate in some parts or all of the construction process you can realize a substantial savings in construction labor costs.

Q: How Are Plumbing and Wiring Handled in Log Home Construction?
A: Most of these utilities are run within interior partitions which are constructed from typical framing materials or up through closet spaces. Plumbing pipes are run between floors and within interior partitions. Vertical channels for electrical wiring to switches and outlet boxes located in log walls are pre-drilled onsite as the initial log courses are stacked. The cavities for the wall outlets are generally notched out of your third course logs in the desired locations. The actual wires can be easily 'fished up' later. Notches for any wall switches or light fixtures alongside doors and windows are routed into the log ends before your window and door jambs are installed.

Q: Do I Get Any On-Site Assistance when Log Construction Begins?
A: Yes. We send a technical field assistant (or if you buy your LOK-N-LOGS home from one of our dealers, he or she will assist you) to help you on your first day of log construction. Our field assistants are there to help you or your contractor start erecting the first few log courses and to pass on helpful hints about things such as pre-drilling for electrical outlets. We at LOK-N-LOGS take great pride in our family of log home professionals.

Q: What About Assistance Later On?
A: We like to feel that LOK-N-LOGS has demonstrated its intention to stand behind our log homes for the long haul. For that reason, one of our home office staff, or your local LOK-N-LOGS dealer is always available to answer a question or to clear up a concern. Usually, a telephone call will be enough but, if your question cannot be answered over the phone, we assume the responsibility of making a trip to your job site - wherever it happens to be. Our continued success would not have been possible without such a strong commitment to our previous log home customers. We know that our best advocates are our legion of satisfied customers, like Carol and Hank Romanowki, who know that LOK-N-LOGS cares! "It has really been a pleasure doing business with such fine, reliable people," they wrote. "Believe me, we recommend LOK-N-LOGS highly to all of our friends, family and even to strangers."